A little bit of Ratchet and a lot of Greatness!

Let's start with the ratchet first. Lol.....you should already know what's going first. 👀


So....Love and Hip Hop Atlanta premiered on Monday and well, let's just say I did a lot of shaking my head. First off, who are the King family members? It must be an ATL thing because I was just watching like...huh? All I'm going to say about MiMi is who cares who she's with, I was so annoyed at the fact that so much drama was added to that episode surrounding that. Hold up...Please tell me I wasn't the only one who died laughing at Momma Dee and her nest! 😂😂😂😂 it tickles me just thinking about it. That woman is loony tune. I'm not here for Karli Red and her mess, but I will be watching. 👀...I'm interested to see how many Players club wigs Jessica Dime will be wearing. Lol. I'm not feeling the wigs. I love the straight hair tho, one thing about her is she's real and that means she'll last. 

Oh.....Black Ink crew premiered too but I don't care so that's it on that. Lol. 

Tuesday brought us the finally of The People Vs OJ Simpson. Although we already knew the outcome of that story, the series was awesome. Just the casting alone was almost perfection. Even though Cuba Gooding Jr didn't look like OJ, I definitely thought I was watching OJ back on trial again.  Kudos to the American Crime crew on this season. I am certainly interested to see what the next case will be. 

Okay okay okay, now since I have been ragging on Scandal lately because of the lack luster with this season, I have to comment. Chileeeeee did you see it last night??? Liv went completely crazy, but for good reason. It must be close to the season finale, because where in the hell did that come from? Finale I have something to look forward to, because I was getting scurred. 

American Idol has left us for good.....or "For Now" as Ryan Seacrest said once the lights went out. Almost alluding to the fact that they may be back again at some point. I won't be looking forward to that myself. I think it ended where and when it needed to. Last nights performances were excellent. Even William Hung made an appearance. 😳😂😂😂 Fantasia slayed with Latoya London and Jennifer Hudson, I didn't expect anything less. Wayment....Let me find out JLO's Vegas show is good, because she was super dope last night. The entire show was just great and that is why I think it should just be done, you just can't do anything else. Well except let LaPorsha win....but that ain't happen so.....Lol

On to greatness!   

BLACK GIRLS ROCK!!!! Ten years of announcing to the world how much us black girls really ROCK! This was a much needed outlet for us and it is also greatly appreciated. That said, thank you to Beverly Bond for making sure that the entire world knows! 

Traci Ellis Ross killed that opening. She is one of my favorite comedic actresses. All leading to great performances throughout the entire show. Danai Gurira from the walking dead gave a wonderful thank you speech in addition to the GREAT Shonda Rhimes. If you don't already know, next to Maya Angelou and Oprah, she is a Goddess to me. I absolutely admire and strive to be in the long line of Black women running entertainment television and movies one day.  The musical performances were great!! Ms Gladys Knight is still slaying in her 70's, much respect to her for her longevity and staying on top in her career. I can't forget to mention how awesome Jazmine Sullivan was with the Masterpiece performance. Last but certainly not least, Brandy! She came back to show us all that she can SANG! The show ended with all of the Honorees on stage and left me with a smile on my face.