Ummm what in the H E double hockey sticks did Jay Z do! This album is deep, dark and bitter sweet #lemonade. But the album is dope to say the least. I can't lie, when it first came on I was sitting here like 🤔 what in the American Horror Story - Beehive is this? Lol. I love the way she took us through all of the emotions with her on every topic, high and low. The Freedom song slayed as well. It took us away from the relationship and took us on a trip though time, past and the present. She went through a lot, all the way from drunk in love to Celie home fixin to shave mista, all in one album.  Beyoncé just let us have it straight no chaser.  She pretty much just made a visual album and said....Here. Goodnight. ✌🏾️