Nita's Voice isn't just "my voice" online, but more of my outlook and opinions about trending topics. Through this website I will show my full uncut personality, in addition to my portfolio of work. I hope that you enjoy and share things posted....who doesn't want to go viral? 

Who is Nita? I am an actor of voice, stage, film and wherever else I am chosen to broadcast my talents. I have done mostly voice-over work in my career thus far. I also write and create content. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Growing up in my family, I learned to have my voice heard early on, because everyone and I mean EVERYONE is loud! But we have fun! Born with the natural gift of gab, I found a love for radio at an early age. I have always wanted to have my own radio show. I am looking forward to having my voice out on air waves sooner rather than later.....So stay tuned.